12 Makeup Tricks That Slim Your Face Instantly (2023)


No crazy contouring required.

By Liz Ritter, Executive Editor·

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Creating a slimmer, more defined appearance to the face with makeup might seem like a tall task, but these time-tested expert tips make it easy, effective and essential foolproof.


Cheat the Light

While she isn’t a fan of “slimming” and prefers to use the word define,Sofia Tilbury, celebrity makeup artist and brand ambassador for Charlotte Tilbury Beauty, says theeasiest way to sculpt and define your face is with cream contour and bronzers, such as Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer.“Define and lift the look of your features by gliding your contour high along on the cheekbones then tap into the temples, jawline and either side of the nose, before blending out with a brush.To keep that lifted effect, I also like to apply a lighter shade of Magic Away Concealer in the inner corners of the eyes, upwards along the outer corner and down the centre of the nose, forehead and chin. This helps to cheat the light, bouncing away shadow and illuminating the highest points of the face. Finish with blush and highlight high on the cheekbones and blend up and out towards the top of the ear for a glowing, sculpted and lifted-looking finish.”

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Perfect the Pinch

Pro tip: Backstage and behind the scenes, Charlotte swears by ice for a fresh, tightened, lifted look, and her Cryo-Recovery Face Mask and Eye Serum are perfect for getting that cooling, depuffing effect in just 10 minutes. “I also always take the time to massage the face in circular motions using Magic Serum, Magic Cream and Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil,” Sofia shares.“Create hooks with your index fingers and smooth outwards and upwards beneath the cheekbones, then gently pinch along the jawline in one sweeping motion to reduce the look of fluid retention and really carve out those facial features before makeup!”

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Edit the Apple Application

You’ve most likely heard this blush-tip 101: “Applying blush directly to the apples of your cheeks will make your cheeks appear fuller and more youthful,” says Lori Leib, Bodyographycreative director and professional makeup artist. But to create the look of a slimmer face, Leib says apply blush to the upper apples of your cheeks and slightly around your temples.

Celeb makeup artist Renée Loiz also takes the “edited apple” route. “Sweeping blush along the upper part of your cheeks [she likes using Kosas Contrachroma Blush] and not directly on the apples of cheeks is another technique to make your face look thinner. When you apply on the apples, you’re drawing attention to the roundest part of your face. But when you apply blush to the upper part of your cheeks, this draws the face upwards.”

“A good blush fixes everything!” reiterates celebritymakeup artist Jenna Nicole. “Give an elongated and lifted look to your face by only hitting the tops of your cheekbones—never the apples of the cheeks.”

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Go for Muted Tones

Turn to a muted-tone bronzer or powder to sculpt your face under your cheekbones, jawline and around your forehead. “A muted tone will create the look of shadows found naturally,” Leib says. One we like: The super creamy, super convenient, melts-into-the-skin MERIT Flush Balm ($28).

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Less Is More

Although contouring-focused Instagram snaps may tell us differently, when it comes tousing makeup to create angles and definition, the key, according to celebrity makeup artist Valerie Star, isless is more. “When trying to createslimming features, contouring is a key factor, but it’s something that can beaccomplished with cream products that are applied correctly and blended intothe skin to illuminate your natural beauty—it doesn’t have to be overdone.”

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Start YourFoundation in the Middle

Star says it’ssmart to apply a minimal amount of your foundation, keeping the majority of theproduct throughout the middle of your face (starting at your nose) and thoroughly blending thefoundation outward. “This will help to eliminate any kind of a foundation-masklook because the most sheer amount of product is around the exterior of your face.”

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Conquer Contouring

We said no crazy contouring techniques required for this tip list, but Star says all you need to create a serious contouring effect is a cream-based product that is two-to-three shades darker than your natural complexion. “Apply to the hollows of your cheek, starting at your hairline near the top of your ear and tapper the intensity down, stopping just before the apples of your cheeks below the middle of your eye. Without loading the brush with more product, apply a minimal amount of contour color above the arch of your brow, up to your hair line.Now in a circular motion with a blending brush, blend, blend and blend again.”

Celebritymakeup artist Liz Castellanos offers this combo tip: “I suggest a cream or powder that is a few shades darker than your natural tone and a dense medium-sized brush. I apply the product along the jawline, under the cheekbones and along the hairline. This creates shadows in those areas to give a slimmer appearance.”

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Say Hello toHighlighting

Once you have setthe contoured makeup, you can highlight where needed, Star says. “Using a fanbrush with a little highlight, apply a very minimal amount to your uppercheekbone area, just above the outer area of your eyebrow and the Cupid’s bow. Thisis going to bring focus to the highest points of your face and help in creating theillusion of a thinner face.”

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Practice the Contour-Highlighting Combo

While Loiz admits contouring and highlighting is a more advanced makeup trick to make your face look thinner, practicing makes for perfection. “Contouring means you’re shading in your temples, under your cheekbones, and along your jawline with a deeper shade to sculpt your face, while highlighting subtly brings out your cheekbones. I love to use cream products for this technique because they melt into the skin and give a really natural finish. My go-tos are Tower28’s Bronzino for contouring and the Highlighter Balm from Pat McGrath.”

Calling on the prep-and-sculpt technique, celebrity makeup artist Paul Anthony says he’s always looking at the face and structure to create the perfect cheekbone effect, but after he preps the skin care. “In the end, apply a thin layer of foundation for a flawless finish.”

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Finish Off With aMist

To top it all off once your makeup is done, a great way to set the look is to mist with a rosewater spray. “This will take away any kind of a powdery look, add hydration andset the makeup,” Star says.


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Call on the Cat Eyeliner

“Lifting the eyes is a quick and easy way to make your face appear thinner,” Loiz says, and recommends doing a cat eyeliner and drawing outwards at an angle. “Guide Eyeliner Wand is a cinch to use, just dip the tool into a long-wear cream eyeliner and stamp liner into place above your lashes. Glide the tool outwards at an angle to create an instantly slimmer face.”

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Make It Ice

Makeup Artist Sooyon Elina Kim offers this cool tip: “My favorite thing I personally do to start with to give an illusion of a slimmer face is a quick ice roller to depuff my face in the mornings. I then go in with Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand, which gives a soft look to my cheekbones and sides of my nose. I love how naturally contoured and glowy my skin looks using this product!”

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How can I make my face look thinner fast? ›

How to Make Your Face Look Thinner
  1. Wear long earrings. Media Platforms Design Team. ...
  2. Go ombre with your hair. ...
  3. Keep hair higher at the crown of your head. ...
  4. Color your hair darker around your face. ...
  5. Apply contouring makeup. ...
  6. Choose a mid-height ponytail. ...
  7. Cut in long layers and side-swept bangs. ...
  8. Create cat eyes with eye makeup.
Jan 9, 2014

What makeup product makes your face slimmer? ›

To add shadows that create a slimming affect on your face, grab a contour cream or powder that is two times darker than your skin tone (preferably a matte shade). This will give you a more natural look. Apply to the hollows of your cheeks by drawing a line from your ear to the center of your cheek.

How can I temporarily look thinner? ›

Look Thinner By Tonight
Dec 9, 2011

How can I slim my face without contouring? ›

Rather than keeping the blush on the apples of the cheeks and blending out toward the ear, try placing it a quarter-inch higher than the apple and extending it at an angle, toward the temple. This technique is also known as draping and is an effective way to create the appearance of a slimmer face.

How can I hide my chubby cheeks? ›

When you have chubby cheeks, anything too bright will only accentuate your chubby cheeks. You want to choose a subtle shade that doesn't show too much on your skin yet lends a flushed look. We suggest going with a bronzy blush that won't be too overpowering on your cheeks.

Which part makes your face look thinner? ›

Deep Side Part

Switching where you part your hair doesn't seem like much of a style, but it's a quick and easy way to elevate your look and make your face appear slimmer. Like side-swept bangs, creating a deep part gives your face a slimming effect as it sweeps diagonally across your face.

What Colour makes your face slimmer? ›

Black never fails to make you look slim and elegant. Darker shades of colors like blue, purple and brown can also help to hide flaws and create a slimming illusion. On the other hand, lighter colors, like white and khaki, can add pounds and give the illusion of a larger frame.

Is there a tool to make your face look thinner? ›

Meitu is a photo editor app designed to make your face look smaller. It's available for Android and iOS free of charge, and it's the perfect tool for those who want to feel thinner or more beautiful without going under the knife.

How fast can I slim down my face? ›

Generally, facial fat goes away at 20% body fat and a proper weight loss program can help individuals lose approximately 0.5-1% of their body fat per week. Therefore, it may take a few weeks to lose face fat completely.

How do you get rid of chin fat fast? ›

Gum chewing can strengthen the neck and jaw muscles, minimizing the appearance of a double chin. The neck and jaw area can benefit from massages, leading to better blood circulation and reduced double chin. Liposuction can be used to remove extra fat from the chin and neck region.

How to look 20 pounds thinner? ›

How to Look 20 Pounds Thinner in Under Two Minutes
  1. Pay attention to vertical lines. These lines in seams, ...
  2. Steer clear of bulky fabrics like boucle and heavy wools. ...
  3. Keep embellishments to a minimum. ...
  4. To instantly appear more slender, try wearing the same. ...
  5. Don't wear clothes that are too large or too small.
Feb 15, 2010

What tops make you look slimmer? ›

Choose Tops with a V-neck

Other elements of this outfit promote the idea of a slender body: the long V-neck attracts the eyes vertically, making the silhouette seem longer (and not wider). The long sleeves also give the illusion of a slimmer figure.

Where do you put blush to make your face look thinner? ›

"If you want to slim and lift the face with blush, apply the color mostly to the tops of your cheekbones. Think of it like placing your blush where you would normally place your highlight. Then, blend the color softly towards the apples of your cheeks."

How can a round face look pretty? ›

Do: sport side partings and sleek, glossy, long locks to streamline a round face. Do: play with darker powder eyeshadows, placing them underneath the lower edge of the cheekbones to create some flattering, sharp angles to your face. Just ensure that you blend well. Don't: be heavy handed when applying your blusher.

How do you make thick makeup thinner? ›

Bhatty likes to use moisturizer to make her own bespoke foundation—the moisturizer essentially thins out the foundation formula to get the most natural coverage. "The best way to do this is to add a drop or two of your foundation to your moisturizer," she says.

What hairstyle makes a round face look thinner? ›

Round face shapes should stay away from short, choppy layers, since this will only accentuate your wider face. "Longer length with long, flowing layers tends to be the most flattering," Bosque says.

What age do chubby cheeks go away? ›

Usually, there is a significant increase in buccal fat between the ages of 10-20, and then a slow, ongoing reduction until about 50. With that said, everyone is different.

Does wearing your hair up make your face look thinner? ›

Like I said, the results are subtle, but pulling your hair up does make your face look instantly thinner and sharper, especially from the profile. Bottom line: If you're not feeling so hot, pull your hair up in a high pony and watch your confidence skyrocket, Ariana Grande-style.

Does short hair make your face look thinner? ›

“If the bob is cut short in the back and longer in the front, it will make your face look thinner,” says Tricomi. By parting down the middle, the way the hair falls along the face will also help to elongate it.

What pattern makes you look thinner? ›

Line up. Vertical lines draw the eye up and down, rather than side to side, giving you a taller and narrower look. Think of vertical striped shirts and pinstriped business suits, though we wouldn't recommend wearing these together. As a rule, the closer the vertical lines are, the slimmer the look.

What foods make your face look thinner? ›

Also, opt for low-sodium foods which include broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, red beans, brown rice, quinoa, berries, apples, bananas, pears and more. When you reduce your salt intake, it helps in reducing inflammation as well as bloating. All these will result in a slimmer face.

Does wearing black make your face look slimmer? ›

Wearing black makes you look slimmer, science says. Neuroscientists say it's in the way our eyes see the colors. From the tips to the trends, the laws to the faux pas, fashion is always changing, but one rule remains the same: Wearing black makes you look skinnier.

How can I make my face look shredded? ›

What to do to reduce facial fat
  1. Cardio exercise.
  2. Facial exercises.
  3. Reduce alcohol consumption.
  4. Increase water intake.
  5. Sleep.
  6. Nutrition.
  7. Reduce salt intake.
  8. Targeting facial fat.

Is there a filter to make you look skinny? ›

BodyApp. This body slimming app enables you to modify any part of your body with multiple editing and retouching tools. You can use it to accentuate curves and muscles, slim down your waist, or make you look taller.

How do you get rid of fat cheeks? ›

5 Ways to Get Rid of Chubby Cheeks
  1. Exercise. Although you can't spot-reduce, exercising regularly can help us lose weight even in our cheeks. ...
  2. Hydration. ...
  3. You are what you eat. ...
  4. Sleep well. ...
  5. Buccal Fat Removal.

What causes fat loss in face? ›

Facial volume loss is caused partly by the breakdown of proteins such as collagen that provide structure to your skin. This change occurs as we age. Our youthful balance of fat changes – we lose it in some areas and gain it in others. Inherited genes appear to intensify the process.

What haircut makes your face look thinner? ›

Deep Side Part

Switching where you part your hair doesn't seem like much of a style, but it's a quick and easy way to elevate your look and make your face appear slimmer. Like side-swept bangs, creating a deep part gives your face a slimming effect as it sweeps diagonally across your face.


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